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In our last post, we began discussing the ways that insurers monitor and use claimants’ social media for the purposes of denying applications or cutting off benefits. Here are three more important things to understand about how insurers look at your online activities. Privacy Settings May Not Matter It is wise to set your social […]

We’ve written before about the potential pitfalls of participating on social media while you have an active disability insurance claim. Now more than ever, insurers monitor claimants’ online activities because it is an inexpensive way to gather information, and so many people use at least one social media platform, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In […]

The fight for CPP Disability benefits can be a long and tough one for many sick and injured Ontarians. Over our last few posts we’ve talked about the various levels of appeal you can pursue if Service Canada rejects your application, from reconsideration request, to SST–General Division, to the SST–Appeal Division. In today’s post we’re […]

If you’ve been denied CPP Disability benefits and have appealed that decision all the way to the Social Services Tribunal–General Division level, you may have your case heard in a hearing. As we discussed in our last post, the Tribunal Member assigned to your case may make their decision in a number of different ways, […]

You’ve applied for CPP Disability, but Service Canada rejects your application. You then apply to  Service Canada with a request for reconsideration, but that gets rejected too. What options are you left with? Your next step is to appeal to the Social Security Tribunal–General Division. Here’s an overview of the process. Filing the Notice of […]

A significant disability affects every part of your life–including your ability to support yourself. That’s why it’s vital that you get all the benefits you are entitled to. We’ve talked about the various types of disability benefits available to Ontarians before, and in today’s post we’re going to go in-depth on the CPP Post-Retirement Disability […]

To be eligible for CPP Disability benefits, you must meet three main eligibility criteria: be under 65 years of age meet the CPP contribution requirements (through working years or provisions for staying home to care for children, contributions from a former spouse, or other mechanism for credits) have a severe and prolonged disability Today, we’re […]

The latest installment in our series on injury myths and misconceptions is the idea that small or minor injuries aren’t worth fighting for. When an insurer rejects your claim, or tries to say your injuries aren’t as bad as you claim, it can be extremely discouraging. The daunting idea of trying to fight back against […]

We’ve been talking about personal injury law myths and misconceptions over the last few weeks, and today’s topic is a big one. People are often hesitant to contact a lawyer because they think it will cost too much. Is that true? Fact: most personal injury lawyers, Van Dyke Law included, operate on a contingency fee […]

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking about the common reasons that applications for LTD benefits are denied or cut off.  If this has happened to you, you likely feel frustrated, exhausted and scared about the future. You’re not alone. Like CPP Disability, a huge number of applications for LTD are rejected, but that […]