Canada Pension Disability Claims

A claimant is entitled to Canada Pension Plan disability benefits if they have made sufficient contributions to the plan and their injuries are “severe and prolonged”. Currently, in order to qualify for benefits, a claimant must have contributed to the pension plan for four out of the last six years or have made valid CPP contributions for at least twenty-five years including three to six years prior to the disability.

In order to be considered initially for CPP disability benefits, an application package must be completed. An application kit can be obtained at Service Canada’s website. Generally, benefits will be awarded where it is established that a claimant has a disability that appears to be permanent and the claimant is not competitively employable.

If successful, the amount of the CPP Disability benefits will be determined by Service Canada. The benefit amount consists of a fixed amount plus an additional amount based on contributions made while working. In addition, further amounts may be received for dependent children less than eighteen years of age.

If a decision is made to deny a claimant’s application for Canada Pension Plan Disability claims, Service Canada can be requested to reconsider the claim. If this reconsideration fails, a claimant will need to file an appeal with the office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals.

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