Slip and Fall Lawyer

Personal injury occurs every year as a result of accidents which have resulted from poorly maintained properties. These accidents occur in or at private homes, rental outlets, restaurants and businesses which contain unsafe conditions and do not maintain a reasonable system of maintenance and inspection.

Victims are often injured by:

  • highly slippery floor surfaces
  • falling as a result of ice and snow
  • traps such as pot holes
  • store displays
  • loose carpet
  • broken pavement
  • protrusions and areas under repair

When a person suffers personal injury as a result of dangerous premises or a slip and fall incident, that person can claim compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses related to their inability to function as they did prior to their injury.

An experienced personal injury lawyer must prove that the property owner is liable for the injury due to their negligence in allowing their premises to be unsafe and in failing to maintain and inspect the property reasonably or in failing to warn of danger.

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