Ontario WSIB Claims

Van Dyke Law office has assisted injured workers in relation to their WSIB claims for over 25 years. If you require representation in relation to your claim, please contact our office for a free no obligation consultation.

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If you have been injured at work or have suffered a work-related illness, you need a lawyer who is knowledgeable and understands the procedures, policy, appeals and hearing process in relation to WSIB claims.

WSIB claims may involve:

  • Loss of Earnings Benefits (LOE)
  • Future Economic Loss Awards (FEL)
  • Non-Economic Loss Awards (NEL)
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Initial Entitlement
  • Return to Work (RTW) Work Reintegration (WR)
  • Unemployability
  • Suitable and Available employment
  • Labour Market Plans (LMR)
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Chronic Pain Claims
  • Traumatic Stress Claims
  • Secondary Depression Claim

As there are time limits for filing a claim with the WSIB, if you have been injured, make sure you do the following:

  • Report the injury to your employer
  • Get immediate medical treatment and report it as a WSIB injury at an emergency room, a walk-in clinic or your family doctor
  • Obtain the name, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses
  • Complete a Form 6
  • Appeal all decisions within the applicable time limits

You can find out more about our WSIB claims practice by visiting our InsuranceDisabilityLawyer.ca website which is dedicated to WSIB, Long Term Insurance Disability, and other Workplace injuries.

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