Video Testimonials

Below are some video testimonials from our clients. We also invite you to review our online reviews and notes and letters that clients have sent to us.

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Amanda – Why I Chose Van Dyke Law

Amanda explains how she made the decision to work with Van Dyke Law. She describes how she reviewed various injury lawyers online and why she made the decision to work with us.

Richard – Pedestrian Accident

Richard describes how he was hit by a car and the impact it had on his life. He explains how Mr. Van Dyke helped him file for damages, workplace insurance claims, and even helped arrange CPP disability.

Venecia – Slip and Fall Injury

Venecia talks about her experience falling outside of her apartment building. She describes how easy it was to communicate with Mr. Van Dyke and how accessible the firm’s staff was in helping her with any post-injury problems.

Frank – Motor Vehicle Accident

Frank speaks about his car accident insurance and disability claims, and how comfortable he felt dealing with Mr. Van Dyke.

Victor – Motor Vehicle Accident

Victor describes how Mr. Van Dyke and his team were so helpful to him. He explains how he was assisted in all areas of his claim from dealing with paper work and insurance and his interaction with Doctors.

Elizabeth – Motor Vehicle Accident

Elizabeth was involved in a car accident in 2012 and suffered a shoulder injury. She explains how Mr. Van Dyke kept her informed while advancing her claim and assisted her through the recovery process.

Paula – WSIB Claim

Paula talks about her work-related back injury and subsequent WSIB claim. After struggling both financially and physically, Paula explains how working with Van Dyke Law helped to reduce her stress and allowed her to focus on getting better.

Anne Marie – Motor Vehicle Accident

Anne Marie speaks about the handling of her car accident claim and how impressed she was with Mr. Van Dyke’s honesty and professionalism.

Dwight – Bicycle Accident

Dwight suffered catastrophic injuries, including fractures to his neck, collarbone, ribs and spine after a biking accident. Van Dyke Law helped Dwight receive fair compensation for his injuries and the permanent impact the accident had on his life.

Bill – Work-Related Back Injury

Bill talks about his work-related back injury and the results achieved with Van Dyke Law obtaining full loss of earnings benefits from WSIB for life.

Helen – Slip & Fall Injury

Helen talks about her experiences working with Van Dyke Law, after she was injured in a slip and fall incident.

Stephen – Mortgage  Insurance Claim

Stephen speaks about the handling of his mortgage insurance claim by Van Dyke Law and has great satisfaction with the representation he received.

David – WSIB Benefits Claim

David describes how Van Dyke Law helped him to achieve full loss of earnings benefits from WSIB.

Shawn – Motor Vehicle Accident

Shawn describes how Van Dyke Law assisted him after his motor vehicle accident injury.

Donna & Celso – Product Liability Claim

Donna and Celso describe how Van Dyke Law helped them when Donna suffered catastrophic injuries and paraplegia after using a medical product.  Van Dyke law obtained fair compensation for Donna’s injuries to improve her quality of life.

Ed – Workplace Injury (WSIB Claim)

Ed suffered an injury while working and was denied WSIB benefits. Van Dyke Law Office in Kingston, Ontario helped Ed obtain full loss of earnings benefits.

Serge – Automobile Accident

Serge suffered a chronic personal injury after being hit by a car. He describes how Van Dyke Law Office obtained compensation for his injuries.