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An insurer can challenge your long-term disability (LTD) claim, from claiming you haven’t provided sufficient medical documentation to refusing your claim outright. And if the company’s adjuster on your file is rude and unhelpful, it can just make the process that much more frustrating and overwhelming. If you believe your insurer is acting unfairly, it […]

If you’ve been unable to work due to a disabling medical condition and are receiving long-term disability (LTD) benefits, you should be aware of signs that they may be coming to an end. These benefits can be so important if you’re struggling with a disability as well as the challenge to meet financial needs, so […]

Most people are shocked to find out that Ontario insurance companies are given a $44,000 “secret deductible” when seriously injured car accident claimants are awarded pain and suffering damages. This money is taken from the total amount of non-economic damages—such as serious and permanent chronic pain or injuries to extremities—that an injured person receives. It […]

Insurance companies have a duty of good faith to their policyholders in all claims, but acting in bad faith is a serious breach of their duty to handle insurance claims. Policyholders are expected to disclose relevant health information and file claims and assess their losses accurately. But at the same time, insurers must act with […]

Surveillance by Canadian insurance companies is a controversial issue. The practice involves insurance companies using various forms of monitoring to investigate claims made by injured victims. The aim is to gather evidence that can be used to deny or reduce the compensation paid to claimants. In this blog post, we will explore what surveillance is, […]

In our last post, we began discussing the ways that insurers monitor and use claimants’ social media for the purposes of denying applications or cutting off benefits. Here are three more important things to understand about how insurers look at your online activities. Privacy Settings May Not Matter It is wise to set your social […]

We’ve written before about the potential pitfalls of participating on social media while you have an active disability insurance claim. Now more than ever, insurers monitor claimants’ online activities because it is an inexpensive way to gather information, and so many people use at least one social media platform, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In […]

Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) are a standard part of insurance claims. An IME is an exam that’s arranged and paid for by the insurer. It’s meant to be a neutral second opinion about your disability or health condition, and is performed by someone who has not previously been involved in your case or assessment in […]

In today’s post about personal injury myths and misconceptions, we’re talking about surveillance. Sometimes we hear clients say that they’re afraid that if they start a lawsuit, the insurance company will start doing surveillance on them. Is that true? Fact: Insurance companies use surveillance in many different situations – not just in cases where a […]

Earlier in this series we talked about how missed deadlines, excluded conditions, insufficient medical evidence and not meeting the definition of “total disability” can result in a denied LTD claim. Today, we’re sharing two more common reasons that insurers reject LTD applications. Surveillance Insurance companies will go to great lengths to verify that you are […]