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A new survey on distracted driving from Desjardins Group reveals some disturbing statistics about this country’s drivers and their actions behind the wheel. The online survey done this past March asked 3,050 Canadian respondents about many aspects of distracted driving including how often people drive distracted themselves, see others distracted at the wheel, what they’re […]

Listeners of CBC’s Sunday Edition recently heard Michael Enright’s short but scathing essay on pedestrian deaths in Canada’s large cities such as Toronto. Driving the broadcast, Enright suggests that the problem with road deaths is that “nobody cares”. “The politicians who run the police department don’t care. If they did, they would put more cops […]

The results are in: Ontario’s roads, trails, and waterways were more deadly last year than in 2016. Every year, the OPP reports the number of fatalities on the roads and areas they patrol and the numbers for 2017 are bleak. Road fatalities reached a 5-year high at 343 deaths (up from 307 in 2016). Fatalities […]

For the last few years, the OPP has held their Distracted Driving Awareness week in March. Every year, we hope that distracted driving statistics will go down, but inevitably, they do not. This year, the OPP announced that 65 people lost their lives due to distracted driving in 2016. Tragically, that is “more than drinking […]

On a sunny and clear September 14, 2014, motorcyclist John “Rosie” Roseboom was struck by a distracted driver on a straight highway. The driver was in a hurry to get to his dirt bike trail and didn’t see John, a motorcycle enthusiast with 45 years of experience and founding member of the Rat River Riders.  […]

Last month, many Canadians got caught up in one particular craze: Pokemon Go. For the most part, people have been playing this cell phone-based game without incident (with a few head-shaking exceptions, of course). But yesterday, the York Regional Police shared footage of a driver captured by a police helicopter in the middle of the […]

Distracted driving is now the leading cause of fatal road accidents in Ontario, and across Canada and the US, law enforcement units are employing some creative techniques to catch law-breaking drivers in the act, and discourage the behaviour in general. In BC, the West Vancouver and North Vancouver RCMP hid a spotter disguised as a […]

The OPP is in the midst of their annual distracted driving campaign, and has released some very troubling statistics: 2015 was the third consecutive year that driver distraction as a causal factor exceeded all other categories of road deaths on OPP-patrolled roads 69 people died in road crashes in which driver distraction was a factor […]

It is clear that distracted driving is one of the most serious problems our country faces these days. According to the Ministry of Transportation, drivers who use cell phones are four times more likely to be in a collision than drivers who focus on the road when drivers take their eyes off the road for […]