Are you an injured worker? There’s a group for you

The Injured Workers Online blog recently wrote about support groups for injured workers, describing why are they are important and how to find one that works for you.

The blog, which is run by the community legal aid clinic Injured Workers’ Consultants (IWC), is an excellent source of news and information on the plight of injured workers in Ontario.

According to the post, Not alone – the power of support groups, “injured workers groups offer lifeline – a safe place to share experiences with others who truly understand their struggle and their pain. They offer mutual support and friendship, and the opportunity to learn practical methods for coping.”

Injured workers’ groups also provide a forum for individuals to share their knowledge and experiences, advocate for law reform, raise public awareness, and more. The blog post describes some of the ways that individual groups in the province have harnessed power in numbers to push for positive change to the system.

IWC points us to the Ontario Network of Injured Worker Groups, which lists over a dozen groups throughout the province. Some of them are geographically-based while others have a special focus on family support or type of illness.  IWC itself also provides meeting space for three groups:

  • Bright Lights, a group of workers with permanent injuries who meet for mutual support and  information exchange, and to provide input to consultations and government committees
  • Chinese Injured Workers’ Group, which is mainly made of workers who speak Cantonese, Mandarin and other Chinese dialects
  • Women of Inspiration, a women’s group that creates “a space for mutual support as women, as mothers and as care givers”

No matter where you live or what kind of workplace injury you have suffered, there’s a group for you.