How to Remain “Compliant” on Long Term Disability (LTD) – Part 1


If you’re receiving long-term disability benefits, that’s a phrase you do not want to hear.

Insurers often cite non-compliance with the terms of the LTD policy as a reason to cut off your benefits.

So what can you do to prevent being faced with an accusation of non-compliance? Let’s have a look at some of the circumstances in which it might happen. (Remember: every LTD policy is different, so the points below may differ slightly from your specific policy.)

#1 You are not receiving ongoing medical care

Seeing your doctor regularly is a critical part of keeping your LTD benefits. Don’t skip appointments, and if you need to cancel one, be sure to re-book at the same time. Remember: the insurer is communicating regularly with your doctor(s). It’s essential that you attend all your scheduled appointments, to both take care of your health, and to protect your LTD benefits.

#2 You are not taking medication or other treatments your doctor recommends

If your doctor or the insurer wants you to try a particular medication, treatment or surgery, generally, you need to comply. If you have concerns about the risks to those drugs or treatments, discuss them with your doctor or specialist and see if there are alternatives. Sometimes LTD recipients prefer to pursue alternative therapies and that can lead to trouble with the insurer.

Stay tuned; we’ll be sharing circumstances #3 and #4 in our next post.