While riding his bicycle in Kingston, Ontario, Dwight was hit and dragged by a bus. He suffered horrific injuries, including breaks and fractures to his neck, collarbone, ribs and vertebrae. Today, Dwight’s mobility is severely limited and pain continues affects him on a daily basis.

Dwight’s sister had previously worked with Frank Van Dyke, when he represented her after an accident. So while Dwight was still in the hospital, she arranged for Frank to take his case. Frank was there to guide Dwight through the unfamiliar and complex web of legal and insurance procedures. Dwight appreciated how responsive and efficient Frank was:

“Any time I’ve called Frank, whether he’s in the office or not, he returns my calls right away, and whatever the problem is, he acts very fast.”

Van Dyke Law helped Dwight receive fair compensation for his injuries and the permanent impact the accident had on his life.